Session 1

On the dubiousness to their wellbeing of the Elves distracting the bandits while the Human and Drider attacked them,

Craig: "This is the elfy group, that group is the less elfy"

Session 2

Quote: "These are glassless windows. For the underglasses." – zee GM

Session 5

After animating a zombie and rolling its new stats-
Mike: The zombie has +1 in all stats – it's better than me!
Craig: Well, it has a functioning brain

Session 6

After various disparaging remarks about the whole party being able to see in the dark except the human, but the human drinks a night vision potion and questions other abilities to see, especially NPC's.
Deborah: That's our think, to see in the dark!
Peter: Take back the night.. vision!

Session 7

Jason: I don't need to because [BURP]


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