The Overlord's Wake

We Seek Them Here, We Seek Them There

In which the party looks for bandits

Overnight, Lim has been utterly boring. Well drunk from Jon's hospitality, he's gone upstairs, poured himself into bed, and snored the night away. Dessima is disappointed, having gone to all the effort of hiding to watch him overnight. As compensation, she steals the gem on his cloak pin and leaves the room looking ransacked.

Day One

Dessima and Lilly wake early, and are joined by Elgar for breakfast. They discuss hiring on as caravan guards for the merchants, hoping that the opportunity to plunder coins from the roadside might draw out the party's quarry. Jon joins nursing a hangover, and then offers the party's services to Lim for free.

At midday, the caravan sets out. Off the path Jon finds a corpse, dead for some time. The corpse has a metal cup, which Jon takes for himself before rejoining the caravan. Lilly navigates for the caravan, riding ahead and guiding the merchants on a safe path through the county.

Day Two

The caravan advances, making safe, fast progress with the aid of Lilliastre's navigation. Jon scouts into the wilderness, and comes across some nice flowers. Nothing else of note happens.

Day Three

The caravan reaches the border of the county, rejoining safe roads beyond the reach of the bandits' activities. The party leaves them to their travels, turning back toward the woodlands and their unfulfilled promise of bandits.

Jon and Lilly seek supernatural guidance to find the bandits, but neither of their spells is successful. Elgar instead scouts ahead, finding signs of damage to a stand of trees. He then navigates the party directly into an attempted ambush by an ogre.

The ogre plans to do violence, and charges toward Lilly. Jon attempts to intervene, then Elgar steps into the path of the attack, taking a blow from the ogre's heavy club. Standing her ground, Lilly responds with magic; lightning arcs through the air and the ogre loses an arm. Dessima follows with black magic of her own, taking down the wounded ogre. Elgar searches the ogre's body, finding a diamond worth 900 coins.

Day Four

The party travels through safe terrain, and then on…

Day Five

The party returns to Northamlet, to learn that bandits have ransacked the rooms that they stayed in. The party accepts Canoness Bryar's offer of a night's accommodation in the common room of the chapel.

Day Six

The party sets out in search of the bandits and the tales of Lanareth. Scouting ahead, Jon sights a peak on the other side of a chasm. Dessima attempts to navigate for the party; little progress is made, and as the party's path takes them along the treacherous edge of the chasm Elgar loses his footing and strains his ankle. As Lilly manages the rations, she discovers that some of them have spoiled.

Day Seven

Day seven of the party's search for the bandits sees Lilly scouting ahead. She sights boars in the woods, and brings the party to hunt them to replace their missing rations. One of the boars is burned by Dessima and flees into the woods; the other two are slain, but Elgar and Jon are wounded in the process. Elgar, under the influence of the Whispering Deck, kills the boars with his bare hands while his sword hangs forgotten at his side.

Jon navigates the party on their way, and they make good time. Lilly has found a sheltered spot overlooking the bandits, and the party makes camp for the night. Jon uses his clerical magic to protect the camp with a sanctuary spell, while Lilly fails to use her magic to peer at the bandits in the moat house ruins.

The adventurers settle in the for the night and make their preparations to deal with the bandits in the morning.


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