Faces and Factions


  • Cult of the Sleeper: A cult attempting to resurrect and restore the Lizard King.
  • The Viper's Fangs (unless it already had a name): Bandit company plaguing Northamlet.


  • (Abbott of Zorica): Abbott of the Oldcastle Church of Zorica the Fallen.
  • (the Countess D'Orlon): Descendant of the Lizard King's killer.
  • (the Lizard King): Legendary figure killed by an ancestor of the Countess D'Orlon.
  • (Priest of the Lizard Cult near Northamlet): Apparent leader of this small group of lizardmen, and their hired bandits.  Escaped
  • Bartleby: Promised to give up banditry in exchange for release by party.
  • Bryar: Religious administrator of Northamlet. Charmed by Jon.
  • D'Athra (the Evil Overlord): Deposed and deceased former ruler of the known world.
  • Edwyn: Northamlet villager and suspected cultist.
  • Grigor the Viper: Leader of the bandit company plaguing the trade route through Northamlet.  In custody.
  • Lanareth the Beautiful: Figure of local legend in Northamlet.  In actuality a young Black Dragon.  Currently residing in the Moat House in the swamp.
  • Lim: Alchemical vendor plying the trade route between Oldcastle and the Dwarves. Charmed by Jon.
  • Mac: Northamlet farmhand pursued by Jon and Dessima. Charmed by Jon.  Spy for the cult.
  • Ozruk: Secular administrator of Northamlet.
  • Xavier Penrose VII: Current despot of Old Castle holding on to power precariously

Faces and Factions

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