• Is there a multiverse and other dimensions?

    • Yes, there are other dimensions.
  • Does mind control exist?

    • Only in the manner of influencing emotions and cause friendship.
  • Are there Demons?

    • Dimensional beings, often misunderstood and not definitely evil.  All sorts, including the aliens of Cthulhy Mythos.
  • Is there Time Travel?

    • Yes.
  • Will the heroes be involved in politics?

    • Yes.  Somewhat like Game of Thrones.  There may be sessions with no combat.
  • Will the heroes be involved in strategy?

    • Yes.  There may be wars.
  • Does technology advance in the face of magic?

    • Yes.  Guns may appear.
  • Where do the heroes see themselves in 5 years?

    • Not yet determined


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