Facts about the World

  • Elves

    • The damage that created the shattered woods was to keep the Elves out of the war.
    • Elvish women are the height of fashion.  Relatively untouched by the previoius regime, Elvish culture is well established and popular
  • Driders

    • There is a militant aggressive expansionist faction (currently a minority) of male Driders
    • Driders have their own legal system.
    • They weren't trusted by D'Athra and he had mages create a plague that would turn them all into simpletons.  There may be mindless Driders wandering around.
    • Not keen on machines
  • Blasted Desert

    • Somewhere there is a tree that many believe is holy.
  • Clockwork Kingdom

    • Were imported through a planar gate by the Overlord.  The gate has been shut down and they are currently docile.
  • Church of Zorica the Fallen

    • Only the inner sphere know what Zorica's endgame is.
  • Whaler's Reach

    • Tales of Lanareth the Beautiful are also known here
    • Is located in Innsmouth
  • King's Corruption

    • Is a disease that only Jon has survived


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