Facts about Characters

  • Dessima

    • A male cousin wants to take over the throne and is part of the male militant faction.
    • Insulted Zorica in front of Jon by implying that it was just a recent god/dess and a manifestation of an older god.
    • Cassandra, her cousin was killed by Elgar.  She was not herself and something was growing out of her head.  She was attacking villagers.
  • Elgar

    • Lesser Arcane Duelists are ending up dead in mysterious circumstances.
    • Doesn't know what happened to family.
    • Came from a rich family where dueling was a hobby.  Saw the Overlord's rise and saw deuling as a way to protect the week.
    • Family was wiped out by the disease – King's Corruption.
  • Jon

    • Lived on the coast in Whaler's reach until the Overlord came.  He went off with some refugees and traveled with a monk of Zorica.
    • Hasn't risen to a leadership position because he wants to explore while young.  Maye when he's older.
    • Survived having the King's Corruption disease.
    • D'Athra mad a deal with other dimensional beings to empower the order of Arcane Duelists.  With him gone, the powers from outside space have been collecting back with interest. 
  • Lily

    • Was a war wizard against the Overlord


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